For ages artists, musicians, DJ’s, producers, comedians, sports stars and other well known celebrities have proclaimed themselves as  the ‘KING’ or the ‘QUEEN’ of their genre, their craft, industry, country, continent or even globally. In the last few years and at present this has become even more common and widespread. In most instances, as a matter of fact in almost all cases, the self proclamation of being the actual ‘KING’ or ‘QUEEN’ of the celebrities genre is completely unfounded on any real research, statistics, numbers or associated formal accolades… Well up to now… Welcome to The League of Kings & Queens. The one and only formal and official body, made up from the largest collective body of the who’s who and industry-peers on the African continent and around the world, that can hand you the actual endorsement, verification, accolade and ordain contemporary talent that excel to true royal standards as the real official and verified ‘KINGS’ and ‘QUEENS’, hand them each the official crown and induct them into the official League of Kings & Queens.